Still photo pricing per interior space or real estate listing starts at $185. Pre-order five listings for $750.

Business portrait and headshot sessions start at $300. 45 to 60 minute session with five final retouched images.

I have a wonderful partnership with 360pdx in offering the following services. For complete package details, booking and payment for hosted image galleries, Matterport 3D showcases, and virtual tours, click HERE.

Matterport pricing starts at $225 for homes up to 1,999 sq feet and increases for larger floor plans.

HDR photos and hosted image gallery pricing starts at $180.

Traditional hosted Virtual Tour prices start at $215.

Do you offer traditional 360 Virtual Tours?

Yes. You can book me to shoot HDR image galleries and Virtual Tours through

How fast is your turnaround?

Still images are delivered the next day. I can sometimes accommodate same day rush edits, but that's dependent upon my work load.

Please allow up to 48 hours for Matterport 3D spaces to render. This depends upon the square footage of the listing captured.

Image galleries and traditional virtual tours are delivered the next day by 9am.

How should I prepare my listing?

Prepare your listing the same as you would for an open house or showing. If the home is not staged or vacant, please request your seller tidy and put away personal effects.

Before the shoot, open blinds and curtains.

Turn on all interior lights.

Make sure the driveway is clear of vehicles.

Pets. Dogs and cats should be comfortably secured. Food and water dishes, along with litter boxes, should be out of sight. It's also requested the back yard be clear of any poop. We don't want to have an errant landmine photobombing any of the shots. No one you want to associate with should enjoy that sinking feeling realizing they've stepped in a pile. Also, no one appreciates poop jokes, they stink.

How long will my appointment take?

So long as a space is ready upon arrival, a still photography shoot or virtual tour will normally take between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the size of the listing.

For Matterport scans, please allow for 60 minutes per 1,000 sq. feet of floor space.

Do I have to be there for the shoot?

While I recommend agents be present, at least to do a walkthrough together, it's not totally necessary. I often meet sellers at listings, or I can also be given a code for the realtors box or contractor's lockbox. If you are not present and the property is tenant occupied, I will shoot the space exactly as is, out of respect to their personal belongings.

Do you offer drone/aerial photography?

I own a drone, but am in the process of becoming legally certified to operate commercially under new FAA guidelines. So not now, but soon.

How many listings have you shot?

I haven't kept exact count, but I would conservatively estimate over 2,500.

How many weddings have you shot?

I stopped counting after 300, which was a few years ago. I reckon I am approaching 400 by this point, if not passed it.

Do you know what you are doing?


Do you still love taking photos?

Yes. Photography is my work, but it still, also, remains my passion. For some photographers, over time their camera stops being an instrument needing to be played and becomes merely a hammer used to bang out assignments. I still shoot for fun in my spare time; I think that's important. I like to describe myself as a craftsman, because - to me - a craftsman fuses artistry and creativity, with reliability, consistency, and professionalism.